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1948 - 2015.  Serving Toronto homes for the past 67 years.

Deck Covers, Carports & Roofs 

We offer a wide range of prefabricated permanent roofs, to cater for all aspects of protection from the elements. From aluminum awnings to flat roofs, carports and insulated roofs, glass and polycarbonate, insulated and non.

The common feature to all our roofs - all are prefabricated to suit your measurements, meaning there is little time spent on site and no mess at all; where with traditional construction, fabrication may drag on forever. Further, all are manufactured in centralized plants, expertise and craftsmanship is closely controlled and monitored, leaving little room for on site errors.

To comply with Canadian extreme weather conditions, where wind and snow load resistance are paramount, we pre-engineer our products and most configurations carry detailed engineering specifications to comply with your local building code.

For the DIY market - all our product can be self installed, although competence and experience is needed. Detailed instructions are available with the prefabricated products. 


Clear roofs

We offer three types of clear roofs: non-insulated glass, insulated glass, and the space-age polycarbonate insulated roofs.

Glass roofs

Non-insulated, single pane glass roofs are made of two layers of glass, bonded together with a layer of clear polyester film. Process is similar to commercial or security glazing. Total thickness is 7mm, and it is break resistant.

The glass is mounted on a 3" aluminum square tubing system, engineered to withstand the snow and wind load. Combined with our matching posts, it is typically used to cover open spaces and to let light in, such as porch covers over windows.

Insulated glass roofs are similar in structure, but with an insulated double pane glazing. Typically the panes are made of tempered (safety) glass, and the top structure is thermally protected so the cold will not be transferred to the bottom - inside.

This is used for sunrooms, enclosures and alike. The insulated glass panes - thermo panes - are offered in clear, low emissivity glass, argon gas filled and a variety of spacers.

We also offer a self-cleaning glass, but it is fairly redundant as it requires both sun and water to perform. A simpler and cheaper solution is using a garden hose to periodically wash the dirt off the roof. 

Polycarbonate clear roofs

Ingenuity meets practicality meets beauty meets perfect engineering. Clear roofs are sought after for many residential and commercial applications – from solariums to sunrooms, greenhouses to deck covers. Traditional clear roofs are made of thermal glass panes and needs to be thick and tempered or laminated to maintain durability and insulation. Furthermore, traditionally glazed units may prematurely fail or leak once the sealant dries out.    

Our clear – translucent - roofs are made of multilayered thermoplastics, reinforced via diagonal cross sections. Panels are very light – a fraction of traditional glass, and much stronger.
The biggest obstacle – leakage, is eliminated by using a patented system of brackets and rubber gaskets, where expansion and contraction in the Canadian hot summer and cold winter do not affect the tight seals. No screws or caulking are used.

We offer roofs in two thicknesses – 5/8” and 1 1/4”, with four different transparencies and R values. The thicker panel also includes a UV reflecting coat, to make it cooler in the summer without sacrificing insulation values.

Clear roofs can be used on their own, or integrated with our other prefabricated roofs. They let light in, while protecting you from the harsh UV rays and summer heat. 

Panels are available in three types:

  • Clear - lets the most light through, but could make staying underneath hot in the summer
  • Bronze - similar to the clear, but tinted to a bronze hue. It adds protection, but as with any other tinted glazing, will shed an odd light on all underneath it
  • Opaque - our best seller. It lets in a bit less light, but can be used even during the hottest summer days. The top layer is coated with  a reflective layer, to add protection from the UV rays

Note - do not confuse this roof with the cheap corrugated clear sheets offered by the home improvement stores. Our roofs are insulated, and will outlast the others - they will not leak, crack or fade. Needles to say, our product is more expensive. Further - it has to be installed with our patented mounting system. 

CR1 - opaque polycarbonate roof over a sunroom

CR2 - opaque polycarbonate roof over a sunroom

CR3 - opaque polycarbonate roof over a sunroom

CR4 - opaque polycarbonate roof over a sunroom

CR5 - opaque polycarbonate roof over a sunroom

CR6 - opaque polycarbonate roof over a sunroom

CR7 - opaque polycarbonate roof over a mini solarium



CR8 - mounting detail, bottom view

CR9 - large span polycarbonate roof
CR10 - bronze and opaque comparison

CR11 - cross sections of thermoplastic insulated panels

CR12 - Multiwall polycarbonate board samples

CR13 - 5/8" connector, to be used over a solid joist.

CR14 - 5/8" connector installation detail

CR15 - aluminum mechanical connector with rubber gaskets, to be used over solid joists.

CR16 - installing polycarbonate multiwall sheets over wood structure. 


CR17 - as above, viewed from below.


Non - insulated, solid flat roofs

Flat roofs, used for carports, walkways or deck covers, are practical and an inexpensive alternative to traditional roofs.

Prefabricated modules are strong, yet lightweight, and are installed in a fraction of the time needed as a traditional roof. An integral, concealed gutter keeps the water away, and its structure meets or exceeds the building code for snow and wind load.

As deck covers, it can be used at a lesser slope and larger span than aluminium awnings. Supported by 3" rigid aluminium square tubes and cross beam, it will withstand the harshest weather conditions. Roof available in white, posts in white, sand and black. 

Sections are 8" wide, and are made in two thicknesses - .032" and HD .040". To add light, we can alternate several semi-translucent 4" sections.

For pricing, we need to establish the snow load in your area, as this product is governed by your local building code. When mailing us, please specify your city.

For DIY - we can supply a roof kit, c/w wall hanger, mounting brackets, side fascia, front gutter/fascia, fasteners, 3" x 3" posts and 3" x 3" cross beam. All is supplied in projection lengths for easy transportation. Installation is not complex, as the 8" sections interlock into each other, and then screwed in place. It has to be mounted on solid foundation, either on a ready deck or on dug foundation tubes.  As with all our products, we strongly recommend our professional installation.

CP1 - carport application

CP2 - carport application

CP3 - carport application

CP4 - carport application, 22' long

CP5 - as above, bottom view showing adeditionsl support beam
CP6 - carport application
CP6 - As above

CP7 - large carport

CP8 - long carport application

CP9 - carport application.

CP10 - double carport, used with HD cross beams.

PC1 - front porch cover

PC2 - side door cover with mini cover

PC3 - deck cover, built by owner from DIY kit

PC3a - deck cover, built by owner from DIY kit

PC4 - wide patio cover

PC5 - patio cover

PC6 - patio cover with douvble posts and HD cross beam

PC7 - back deck cover


PC8 - back deck cover

PC9 - back deck cover

CP10 - Back porch cover

PC11 - front porch cover with skylite inserts

PC12 - cover over basement stairway, gable style.

PC13 - wrap around patio cover, over front and side of house.

PC13a - as above

PC 14 - corner stairs cover over basement entrance

PC15 - front porch cover


PC 15a - as above


PC16 - side porch cover

PC17 - front entrance cover

PC18 - long patio cover at back yard

PC19 - side patio cover

PC20 - back patio cover

PC21 - front porch cover


 Skylark interlocking panels

 Skylark interlocking panel roof with installed skylite panels


 Skylark interlocking panel roof with installed skylite panels

 Skylark interlocking panel roof with installed skylite panels


 Skylark interlocking panel roof with installed skylite panels

Skylark roof with clear panels to cover front entrance

As above


 Skylark skylite panel detail



All products are custom made

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